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It wasn't exactly long haul but it got me out of Seattle. Leon noticed Dean's reaction. Uninjured, I slam it shut and head back toward the rest rooms. My first time sucking cock and I'm loving every second of it. His English was limited but his body language was great.

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Going to the trunk, he pulled out a small traveling bag and shut the lid.

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From this angle, he could see up the boxer shorts leg. Climbing between his legs, I took his thin but long 7. As my stream gushed into the urinal I looked around--I needed another kind of relief too, but no one was here. A quarter of an hour ago I'd been speeding eastward on I, just over the Louisiana border from Texas. I talked to Wayne and he was all for it until dispatch told us that we wouldn't be able to drop the load until 7Am the next morning. He moved his hand slowly back and forth. It was not as bad as I thought and soon it would be over.

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I go out of the stall and quietly go to the door at the back that joins the 2 mens bathrooms. Rim my dirty hole and clean it good. I licked at him lightly and heard him cry out as he sent a load of precum into my mouth. He was just as he had described himself, day old facial growth of salt and pepper, shaved head, just under six feet tall, tats on both arms, hairy legs, chest and back and I would soon discover hairy ass, too. Putting ice and a healthy shot of whiskey in the glass, he went to the bathroom door. She quickly lowered her head and took his cock in her mouth to drink his load. I bend forward again, feeling the heat of his body, smelling his sweat mixed with the odor of diesel.

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