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Two pellets should be inserted for every 25 mg of parenteral testosterone needed weekly. Male chest reconstruction is a medically necessary part of phenotypic gender transition for many trans-masculine individuals. There are currently no available data that report the positive impact of male chest reconstruction in minors, although a study is underway now. Progesterone releasing intrauterine devices may result in amenorrhea in approximately half of all users. Having the physical appearance of a sexually immature 11 year old in high school can present emotional and social challenges that are amplified by gender dysphoria.

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From their study, the authors concluded that it is not possible to predict reference ranges for transgender women based only on what is already known about postmenopausal women on estrogen therapy, and that new reference ranges must be studied and validated to avoid diagnostic errors in this patient population.

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Route Formulation Dosing Oral Estradiol 2—4 mg daily Parental subcutaneous, intramuscular Estradiol valerate 5—30 mg every 2 weeks Transdermal Estradiol 0. Finasteride, however, specifically targets dihydrotestosterone DHTnot testosterone, so it is not as effective at lowering total testosterone levels. Archived from the original on 21 December Is progestin an independent risk factor for incident venous thromboembolism?

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