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Proposition 8 proponents argued that the district court's injunction is applicable only to the two couples who are the plaintiffs in the case or, at most, applies to the two counties whose clerks were named as defendants. After the ruling, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a statement repeating his pledge to oppose Proposition 8the ballot initiative that would override the ruling. While we await the decision of the California Supreme Court on whether or not to uphold the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 on May 26, it is worth taking stock of the political strategy activists have largely adhered to in recent decades. Armenia Estonia Israel Mexico 1 Netherlands 2. Also in Junethe U.

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Same-Sex Dissolution

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One thing is certain: It addressed questions as wide-ranging as whether being gay diminishes one's contribution to society, affects one's ability to raise children, impairs judgment, or constitutes a mental disorder. Archived from the original on February 10, It was signed on August 17, by Governor Jerry Brown. Home Categories Same-Sex Divorce. The process of separation can bring out the worst in people, he said, and "the incentives to game-play and to engage in forum-shopping to take advantage of the inconsistent legal treatment exists.

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Anthony Kline Presiding Justice of Division Two, sitting by designation because two Justices had recused themselves described the court's reasoning as "circular. Governor Brown then directed all county clerks to comply with district court ruling. Negotiate Online Settle your Divorce and Save. California Proposition 22 Little compares to the treachery of the Clinton administration. There is a lot that remains unresolved in this new legislation, especially what it means to adjudicate a divorce in accordance with California law if the spouses are not residents.

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