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You can always change the information you share with us by editing your profile. Prejudice, social stress, and mental health in lesbian, gay, and bisexual populations: Thus, more focus on factors such as these that promote resiliency in GBM would be beneficial to include in future research on mental health and substance use in these populations. The strong link between substance use particularly crystal methamphetamine and heroin and mental health among GBM has important implications for public health promotion programming and care service provision. Site navigation Your reading history. Wait for the instructions to arrive in your inbox 3.

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We posit that this may be due to the fact that individuals who are public regarding their sexual orientation are easier targets for harassment or discrimination.

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Our study also adds new data regarding the detailed prevalence of substance use and mental health conditions among GBM populations in Canada filling a gap in currently available published literature. Article text size A. GBM who self-rated their mental well-being as low were approximately three times more likely to have alcohol related problems and those who rated it as moderate were nearly twice as likely to have alcohol related problems. Patterson, University of California San Diego. Concord Free Press - Oct Home We publish books and give them away for free—online and via a network of independent bookstores.

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We've sent you an email with instructions to create a new password. Social Determinants of Health: In exchange, we ask readers to make a voluntary donation. Sexual orientation and self-reported mood disorder diagnosis among Canadian adults. WHO collaborative project on early detection of persons with harmful alcohol consumption-II. Future research should seek to validate current measures e. In order to evaluate generalizability, additional research is needed to explore these issues among GBM populations in other urban and non-urban centers across Canada, particularly if these studies employ RDS or other more representative sampling methods.

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