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Family Cercopithecidae Cercopithecids: Products All. Procolobus rufomitratus Eastern Red Colobus: Since its inception inBCBI has: Allenopithecus nigroviridis Allen's swamp monkeyCercocebus chrysogaster golden-bellied mangabeyCercopithecus ascanius red-tailed monkeyCercopithecus ascanius whitesidei red-tailed monkeyCercopithecus dryas dryas monkeyCercopithecus neglectus de Brazza's monkeyCercopithecus wolfi Wolf's monaColobus angolensis Angola colobusGalago demidoff Prince Demidoff's bushbabyGalago thomasi Thomas's galagoLophocebus aterrimus black mangabeyPerodicticus potto pottoPiliocolobus tholloni Tholan's red colobus. Paul D Stewart. Sort All.

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Every species also includes a detailed distribution map.

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Share full text access. Mammals of Africa MoA is a series of six volumes which describes, in detail, every currently recognized species of African land mammal. Introductory Chapters and Afrotheria pages.

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Drill C.

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