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I know Sex and the City created the rule that women must go out in groups of four, but that doesn't apply to places where men go to meet each other. I'm not the kind of guy who regularly gets into bar altercations, but I'm two for two the last two times I went out in Cape Town, and all three showdowns were with women, queen bees who were either wielding cigarettes like weapons or thought it was beneath them to say, "Excuse me. I once had a woman at Beige, B Bar's now-defunct Tuesday-night gay party in New York City, practically shove me to the floor in her mad dash to get to the bartender before I did. Real News. They come strictly to hang out with their gay friends or to avoid the obnoxious men who stalk straight clubs.

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Real Life.

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A lot of guys would kill to be in your shoes. Real Life. Wouldn't that be a much better setting for your next bachelorette party?

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As the music pounded and Rihanna pleaded, she moved closer and closer.

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