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I am a YA author who has used myspace extensively for the past two and a half years. In a thread on the Myspace help center [29] on June 11th, Community Manager allencito offered a solution to retrieve old photographs, but noted that the blogs could not be restored at that time. The two share many similarities, one of which is that they both sold out see below. MySpace provided the benefits of adding friends in a desperate ploy to seem popular. You may comment an unknown band to death, but still they won't answer, because they have more important things to do. Which was anything more than a few seconds.

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The one thing that bothers me about videos are the people who insist on having multiple auto-play videos on their page.

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Wether posted in your pics for all to see or hosted on a server to be used in a comment. When used, it was famous for eating posts, depriving the world of countless stories of sloppy blowjobs performed in nightclub parking lots. Fancy footwork, fake tan and flowers as competition heats up In pictures: They sometimes didn't realize that they posted too much info about themselves, so they become all shocked when they found that people IRL knew everything about them, as this video demonstrates:. Are you deliberately trying to give your visitors a seizure? By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. MySpace also supports self hate.

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They are the sole reason for pestilence that infects every corner of the interwebs. Piss one off and thousands of their MySpace friends will swarm on you with lulz -inducing drivel. Visit the Social Media Portal for complete coverage. Tom in his infinite wisdom made it easy enough that a monkey could successfully make a Myspace page. The deep sense of self-loathing exhibited by Tom was undoubtedly caused by this disruption of underage poon. Killers [ edit ].

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