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Camb was released from prison on licence in September Gibson has been selected for many years by U. This revealed the presence of stains that proved to be lipstick, dried blood and urine. When Gibson died, he was yet to reach his 31st birthday. Camb was arrested at Southampton and claimed Gay suffered a fit and died during consensual sex, but admitted panicking and pushing her body through the porthole. By the time he arrived Camb had just finished murdering the actress and pretended that nothing was amiss when he sent away the watchman.

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She made a name for herself in South Africa playing the lead in The Man With a Load of Mischief opposite former British boxing champion Eric Boon but was keen for fame and fortune on a larger scale.

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But it was one final piece of evidence which sealed Camb's fate. He thought of himself as irresistible to young women - though they tended to find his Lancashire accent more amusing than arousing. The case made history as the infamous Porthole Murder in which the victim of his lust was never found, her grave the shark-infested warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Gibson has been selected for many years by U.

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