Scott and transgender

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I know that I will continue to raise awareness, and I hope that over time that who I am will serve a greater purpose for the community. How were you able to unpack this? Janet August 13, at Natalie O'Donovan August 12, at 9: Hi Janet, This was a great article!!

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I will never need to answer to anyone but myself for my own happiness and destiny ….

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Alex Scott Consulting

Just read your interview about B Scott. When I was a tween, I spent a year or so identifying as gay because that was the only label that was available to me. A lot of people seem to become worried about the dilution of their community, when its narrow definition broadens and others begin to seek it out. It encompasses my whole essence. I love words, yet I know that words often fail us. And I can imagine as one who is often read as a gender-nonconforming black man that that must come with its own set of pressures.

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Pamela Reed August 9, at I just think that we should all try to love each other a little bit more. As though a small difference is going to be a destructive force. For myself, I feel complete as the woman I always was inside and now have the body to match. So many transgender girls, some of my Love Muffins, have come up to me and said that they love me and that me being me actually helped them. It encompasses my whole essence. I think that we do often forget how long the road to self-discovery and acceptance is.

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