Steps to becoming transgender ftm

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For the true transsexual, however, nothing less that the finishing surgery will suffice. If you are looking at death or transition as your only two realistic outcomes in life, then you are possibly ready to go for it. There is no need to rush into cosmetic enhancements: I know this is a lot to process. When taking hormones, watch your health, and watch your body carefully. It takes years to grow new body parts. However, if after several years, hormones have not worked well, then that is another issue.

steps to becoming transgender ftm
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I'm 11 and I have the feeling for a few years that I'm in the wrong body and I'm scared to tell my perents.

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JS Jared S. When I was 19, I decided to become a man, but the problem is that I don't have enough money to pursue what I want to be, inside and out. OJ Oliver Johnson May Having a phalloplasty will allow you to urinate and have sex like a male.

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If not, try masculine pronouns.

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