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And the Ottoman Empire, already beginning to split at the seams and having never quite recovered from losing Greece earlier in the century in fact, political satire of the day referred to the empire as "The sick man of Europe"showed its first signs of turning its Christian minorities into scapegoats, with widespread massacres that sent the first big wave of Armenian refugees to America and elsewhere the next, even bigger wave coming during World War One. It does have quite a few features of the trope. Christopher Burney has been tapped as the new artistic director of New York Stage and Film, one of the preeminent incubators for theater in the country. The Black Hand is one of the few modern gangster films set at the turn of the century. He then meets a man determined to steal the helmet from him because he wants to go back to the s when things were simpler. Orson Welles ' The Magnificent Ambersons

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The scenes that take place in the s are also shot like a silent movie.

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Song of the Day: Gay Nineties – “Letterman”

Return to Oz takes place near the end of The costumes are quickly discarded, however, as the casually attired cast of three women and three men segue into a series of illuminating musical and spoken vignettes. They're gay, I get it! Series Music for everyone ; no. The whole episode is pretty much a nostalgia trip on the s, until the end that is. Another episode, "A Stop at Willoughby", features an advertising executive who is stressed out by his life and dreams about getting off a train at a quaint town from the s that he keeps seeing in hallucinations.

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All right, put 'em up! So much so, that by Chuck Jones was able to create a brilliant parody of the subgenre with The Dover Boys. Abroad, things were jumping internationally. Later they returned to the era for an international race around the world in the year No. It's quite historically accurate too.